Bodywork for Men

Lingam Massage Koh Phangan

A Lingam Massage represents a peak of pleasure and spiritual enlightenment that a man can indulge in. By synchronizing your breath and movement, our accomplished Tantric expert tenderly facilitates this exceptional experience. It is an unmatched journey unlike anything else.

Healing Massage For Men


Removing Sexual Shame and Guilt

A lingam massage offers the following:

- Understand your body and pleasure

- Deepen your sexual awareness

- Powerful meditation and relaxation

- Ability to experience a full-body orgasm

- An enormous amount of pleasure!

Want to Become a Better Lover?

In contemporary society, men are frequently perceived to inherently understand and fulfill specific roles in the bedroom. This assumption generates a significant amount of stress for many, as they grapple with feelings of guilt and shame related to early sexual experiences and society’s unfeasible expectations.

Tantra Koh Phangan has been a sanctuary for numerous men, aiding them in alleviating these burdensome feelings associated with their sexuality.

Each man, irrespective of his past encounters or perceived “competence”, possesses the innate potential to elevate his prowess as a lover! Lingam Massage can provide men with the following benefits:

  • Tuning into your partner’s sexual needs
  • Opening up honest and powerful conversations in the bedroom
  • How to fully embrace “giving” and “receiving” pleasure 
  • Getting out of your mind and into your body
  • Plenty more
lingam massage


Should you wish to delve into enhancing your sexual life and enriching your partner’s satisfaction, do not hesitate to reach out. Discover more and schedule your initial session with Kate.

2 hour Lingam Massage

  • Embrace your sexual nature
  • Gain confidence in the bedroom
  • Leave behind shame and guilt
  • Find an enriching sex life

Total Surrender to Pleasure

In parallel to the Yoni Massage for women, which employs a variety of techniques to heal sexual trauma, the Lingam massage represents a potent Tantric healing practice that encompasses the entire body, including the penis (Lingam is the Sanskrit term for penis or “wand of light”).

This therapeutic method greatly diverges from a conventional erotic massage. It not only focuses on the lingam, but also includes the testicles, perineum, the sacred spot, and the entire body, ensuring you’re completely at ease and prepared for release. The primary aim is to allow you to receive and wholly yield to pleasure.