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About Our Tantra Practitioners

Tantra Koh Phangan is a communal collective of Tantra practitioners, therapists, healers, bodyworkers, shamens, located on Koh Phangan. 

Kate - Bodywork For Men

Kate specialises in Tantra for men, including professional help with a range of sexual and intimacy issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and prostate health.

Mani - Tantra For Women & Couples

Born in Asia, Mani grew up immersed in Taoism. Her path also led her to traditional Tantra, qigong, yoga, meditation, and energy release, which all allow her to support women in their journey for healing and well-being.

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Tantra Koh Phangan



Brisbane, QLD, Australia

"In my twenties I discovered what the practice of bodywork really is, and it became pivotal in my own journey of healing my physical health issues and my negative emotional patterns.

Receiving professional bodywork and surrendering to the experience helped me to really feel like me – which is one of life’s greatest and most profound lessons"

- Stephanie

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Karlyn specialises in trauma-sensitive tantric massage for men and women. She’s has been working in the field of Sacred Sexuality for over a decade.

Her passion is guiding men and women through transformational healing, and returning them to a sense of pleasure and safety in their bodies.

Miami, FL, USA

Shedding layers of what does not serve us heals our wounds and reveals our truth. Be held in a loving, safe space throughout the process.

Maria of Energy of Love, shares from a humble place and guides you on a journey of self realization and higher states of being.

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