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Sensual tantric healing

Tantric Massage will open up pleasure energy that will heal your soul, release hurts from the past, and allow your life to be divine and sacred.


Karen and Michal of Tantra Koh Phangan are professional Tantric Bodywork practitioners, offering one-to-one sessions for women, men, and couples.

Our authentic Tantric Massage sessions are a dance between the body and soul, helping you to connect with your vital energy, heal the past, deepen relationships, and reconnect with your divine essence.

 Sessions are offered with a pure loving intention for the purposes of healing and consciousness expansion.

Tantric Offerings

Lingam Massage For Men

Karen's authentic Tantra sessions include the whole body, supporting men with coming into deeper connection with their body, and expanding their sexual self. Sessions for men range from clothed sessions to specialist pelvic bodywork, including Prostate and Lingam Massage, and learning authentic Tantric-Taoist practises. Karen also supports men with a range of sex and intimacy issues, including overcoming ED and PD, healing from past trauma, and prostate health. She's a certified trauma aware practitioner.

Yoni Massage For Women

Michal's sessions for women are a full-body process, in a safe space where you will be supported to connect more deeply to your feminine essence. You will discover new levels to your sensuality, sexuality, and your capacity for intimacy, love, pleasure and bliss. Yoni Massage sessions also support the release of emotional and energetic blocks in the body caused by past trauma, abuse, or stress.

Tantra Training

Michal teaches authentic Tantra to couples for relaxation and mutual care, including learning how to give a Lingam Massage and Yoni Massage, and how to deepen connection and intimacy in your relationship. Come and explore new ways of loving and being loved with your partner, which will bring new energy and inspiration into your partnership, in the comfort of a private class. Or learn more about Tantric Massage.

Yoga & Breathwork

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Karen specialises in Tantra for men, including professional help with a range of sexual and intimacy issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and prostate health. 

She also supports men with expanding their sexuality and learning authentic Tantra-Taoist practices to bring more love, vitality and wellbeing into their lives and relationships.

Originally from the UK, and with a wide range of professional qualifications, she has been leading Tantra training in Europe and Asia since 2017.

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Michal specialises in Tantra for women and couples, focusing on trauma healing, sensation enhancement, enhancing sexual wellness, and improving intimate relationships.

With 15 years of Tantra experience in the Rasayana Academy in the Netherlands, he conducts sessions dedicated to deepening intimacy and advancing spiritual growth.

Michal’s empathetic approach in sacred sexuality not only helps couples nurture their relationships but also supports women in exploring and embracing their sensual and emotional well-being.

"Karen is a warm, nourishing spirit and an expert at what she does. I have recommended her to several of my friends after having experienced, first hand, the emotional and energetic replenishment I received from just two sessions with her. If you are seeking a healer, you've found the right person"

"Deep teachings, powerful transformation. Michal's session changed my life and gave me a new perspective on sexuality, self love and appreciation for the divine masculine and divine feminine. I am forever grateful"

Notice Time

Please provide us with at least one week notice for bookings.


15 minute consultation to confirm that Tantra is for you.

Location on Koh Phangan

Exact location will be provided upon booking.

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